About Sportsflare

Sportsflare is focused on creating new betting experiences with technology for the esports era.

We strongly believe that esports and gaming is the future of entertainment and competition, and believe that the digital and non-stop nature of esports presents a unique betting opportunity completely out of reach for traditional sports.

Our thesis is that esports (and gamer) betting will continue to accelerate and overtake most traditional sports, and blur the lines between sportsbook, virtuals, and casino. We believe esports betting is the killer application for our disruptive technology, an area that has to-date been served by manual labor.

Our team combines deep experience in AI, esports betting, software, and finance, uniquely positioning us to enter and thrive in this market. Before serving sportsbooks, our team ran a b2c affiliate brand for esports betting. We even introduced the first public esports dataset for machine learning research in our paper, cited by the likes of Amazon and Zillow.

We’d love to hear from you, so please reach out with any questions or comments you have.

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Maksymilian Polaczuk Headshot

Maksymilian Polaczuk

Chief Executive Officer

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Chris Herrmann

Chief Technology Officer

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Virgil Townsend

Chief Marketing Officer

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Kenny Jang (PhD)

Chief Product Officer

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Tim Leathart (PhD)

Chief Scientist

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Trev Cavill

Software Engineer