Bet Smarter with Less Effort

Sportsflare is a service built with the simple purpose to help sports bettors bet smarter with less effort.

After observing the fundamental issues faced by countless sports bettors both casual and professional, the fundamental issue faced by countless sports bettors was that betting smart was simply too time-consuming.

Combining the best sports betting algorithms with insights from top sports bettors have led Sportsflare to provide users with an unbeatable sports betting experience, a standard we aim to maintain. Sportsflare was built not just for your professional sports bettor, but rather a tool that every sports bettor can use.

Helping users to bet smarter

Sportsflare’s advanced sports betting algorithms can be used to help you make smarter, more informed sports betting decisions. Cut down the time it takes to research each game individual game you want to bet on, get valuable insights from a large & passionate user base via our Discord channel and a vast library of knowledge from experts in the field via our blog.

Join some of the many thousand users who are already making smarter sports betting decisions today.

How It Works

Sportsflare acts as somewhat of an information service that uses advanced sports betting algorithms to predict outcomes of professional eSports games. One common misconception is that Sportsflare facilitates the wagering of money, this is untrue.

Utilizing Sportsflare’s Sports Betting algorithms, users can get access to the true probability of a matchup (Take for example CS:GO) and leverage this information to find value bets on matchups or tournaments.

Sportsflare does not charge for this service and does not intend to as we believe everyone should have the ability to have an amazing sports betting experience.

How do I get started

Getting started is easy, simply click the link above to sign up and start betting smarter today.