Esports Betbuilder

The only betbuilder in esports

The first betbuilder in esports that enables same-game parlay betting, allowing your customers to combine any outcome and create their own unique betting market.

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Why Esports Betbuilder?

Betbuilders are a hugely popular and successful product in traditional sports betting, and our trading activity proves the same kind of appeal for the esports betting demographic.

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Adding Esports Betbuilder to your sportsbook will offer:

  • Boosted turnover
  • High margin
  • Widest range of player based markets
  • Pre-match turnover
  • Margin acheived
  • Bets placed on matches offered

unique features

Player props

Esports bettors follow players as much as they follow teams. Our product allows them to bet on their favourite players.

Sportsflare offers the largest coverage of player performance, including the only “most kills” and “K/D” related markets in the world. All of these player props can be combined with any other market, unlocking a whole new style of betting for the player.

Player props UI showing bets made on 2 players for most kills

Pricing for limitless combinations

We provide the correct price for any possible combination of markets by handling the complex dependencies between match outcomes.

Sportsflare lowers the exponential risk that sharp bettors can pose when adding selections to the betslip.

More selection + Lower exploitation =  Higher margins

The most popular esports markets

Your bettors can include the most popular markets in their Betbuilder selections. Markets about towers, barons, roshans, and dragons are just some of the options which can be paired with more conventional markets like over/under and match winner.

Integrates with the biggest games

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We’d love to expand your esports offering with our suite of betting products. Feel free to reach out with any sales, general or other inquiries you have.