Get the most out of your esports betting

Sportsflare for Bettors is an intelligent bet tracking platform to monitor and improve your betting performance.


automatically track Esports

CS:GO, League of Legends, and Dota 2 matches will automatically update in the tracker.

You can tag your bets with any information that you want to monitor. Keep tabs on Bookmakers, tiers, your favourite team, and more.

Bets on custom sports can be added manually.

Don’t miss a beat.

beautiful reports out of the box

Get detailed reports of your betting history with one click.

View only the attributes that you want. Check out how you do on favourites vs underdogs, or on Tier 3 North American CS:GO.

Save your eyes with our reports, instead of looking at spreadsheets .

See your progress, beautifully.



find out if your odds are good

Find out if you are getting high value odds for specific games.

Sportsflares AI compares prices across a range of different markets and times to identify high value prices.

Make calculated bets.


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