Esports 3.0 Esports betting redefined

High frequency.
Fully immersive.

We've taken esports betting to a new level. Esports 3.0 brings a significantly improved experience to regular esports betting and introduces flash markets to esports. The best part is it's available to you, right now.

Esports 3.0 moves the industry away from the legacy 'participation' style betting, and towards full immersion.

3.0 is about high frequency and high availability.

Flash Markets

Every shot. Every play. Automated.

Immersive UX
Zero-delay gamestate data for real-time visualization of the game to power an immersive betting experience.

High frequency. High margin
Drive turnover and engagement with high-frequency bets on every in-game action, combined with instant settlement and sharp pricing.

Official data
Our markets are created using the fastest possible data source. Every action becomes a betting opportunity exactly when it happens.


For the fans

Leveled up esports performance
Unlock the most markets and highest in-play uptimes in esports.

Player props
Esports fans follow players 2x more than teams. We offer player props for the titles that matter.

Betbuilder - Any bet. Any possibility
Prices for any market combination.

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win with esports 3.0?

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