CS:GO Betting Options: What Markets Can I Bet On?

CS:GO Betting Options: What Markets Can I Bet On?

With all these betting options, If you are new to CS:GO betting or even esports, in general, it can be quite a daunting task knowing which markets are optimal to bet on or even where you can bet on esports. In this post, we will be highlighting the different betting options & markets specifically for CS:GO. There are numerous options available, and some of these options do need a bit of clarification, lets get started:

Match-winner or Money Line Bet

This is the most basic betting option available,  You will get the option to pick the winner from the two teams involved. This bet is common across multiple different sports such as NBA, Soccer, Rugby and most other mainstream sports.

Match winner csgo windigo vs YeaH!


Correct score

This option is where you pick the overall score of the entire match. Usually, the matches will be played as a best of three, however, it is also common to see best of twos and best of five. However, in the best of three example, this means that the teams will play up to three maps if needed. The options available here would be:

  • 2-0 win for Windigo
  • 2-0 win for YeaH!
  • 2-1 win for Windigo
  • 2-1 win for YeaH!

Correct Score Windigo vs Yeah!


Decider map played

The ‘decider map played’ is somewhat related to the ‘correct score’ bet. You are wagering on whether each team will take a map and be forced into the third round of matches. This bet will give you a simple yes or no option.

Map winner

This bet lets the bettor choose which team will win each map. With this bet, there will generally be bets for the first map and the second map, and may also be the possibility of a third map depending on whether it is required or not. Your choices for these bets will be from the two teams competing. Also, there are match formats where there may be playing from a best of five, so you may also have certain matches where you are offered map winner bets on five matches instead of the typical three.

Map winner CS:GO Windigo vs YeaH!

1st map first-half winner

With this betting option, you are simply betting on which team will ‘win’ the first half of the first map. The betting options here will be one of the two teams that are competing in the match.

Odd/even rounds

This is a real gamble of a bet. You are simply betting on whether the total rounds played in a match or map will either be an odd number or an even number. This bet will let you pick from either ‘odd’ or ‘even’.

Total Rounds Played

This bet lets the bettor bet on whether the total number of rounds played in a map will be over or under a certain number. The betting option for this will usually be either ‘over a certain number’ or ‘under a certain number’ of rounds played on a map.

Winner of pistol rounds

If you are familiar with CS:GO, you will know that there are rounds that are played solely with pistols. With this betting option, you have the choice of picking from the two teams on who will win certain pistol rounds.

Pistol round winner windigo vs YeaH!

Handicap bets

This bet lets you choose whether a team will win by over a certain number of rounds or more, or a team will lose by a certain number of rounds or less.

We have now covered the most popular betting options for CS:GO. These may not be the only bets available as there are event specific bets and many sub-sets. Conversely, some matches will only offer a few of these betting options. By familiarizing yourself with the betting options, you should be able to understand all your options better and make the most of your opportunities.

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