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Offer more markets than ever before with elite uptime. Powered by unrivalled deep learning algorithms and official data, Sportsflare enables a brand new way of betting for your customers.

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Esports Odds?

Our esports odds feed is built authentically for the esports betting fan and Gen-Z demographic. In addition to pricing and risk management, we bring a ton of engaging statistics, data and insights to your platform to attract and retain customers.

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Adding Esports Odds to your sportsbook will offer:

  • Widest range of player based markets
  • Managed trading and 24/7 monitoring
  • Additional stats and data
  • Player outcomes per match (CS:GO)
  • In-play uptime
  • Margin achieved

Esports Odd's
unique features

Pre-match odds pricing

Pre-match market prices can be accessed through our REST API. Many of our core and derivative pre-match markets are acquired through:

  • Marketing monitoring
  • Aligning our pre-match prices with betting activity for highly traded markets (e.g. fixture winner)
  • Extending the esports industry with state-of-the-art machine learning models for new proposition markets (e.g. player performance markets).

In-play odds pricing

In-play odds feed and detailed event data. Our prices update automatically with in-game actions, and extend the number of in-play markets by introducing a range of player proposition markets.

Managed trading

We have a 24/7 trading team as a precautionary step to ensure that our odds are always correct. By continuously checking against industry odds, we are able to offer bookmakers with a fully managed trading solution.

Integrates with the biggest games

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We’d love to expand your esports offering with our suite of betting products. Feel free to reach out with any sales, general or other inquiries you have.