Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that these FAQs may be subject to change, If you have any inquiries that are not addressed in the FAQs you may contact us by any of the channels listed on the homepage. Please allow some time to receive a response to your inquiry.

How do I spread my deposits across bookmaker accounts?

How do I spread my deposits across bookmaker accounts?

Firstly it would make the most sense to maximise your use of the free deposit bonuses that most bookmakers or betting exchanges offer by signing up to the exclusive deposit bonus offers we have present in our service. For a beginner, this is a great way to get your foot in the door and maximise your initial investment.

Generally, it would be advised to have around 2-3 bookmaker accounts ideally with one betting exchange such as Betfair to maximise your liquidity.

Please note, depending on your location there may be certain bookmakers that prohibit sign-ups from your country, please visit in-app or contact us should you face any issues and we will do our best to advise you on the best course of action.

Should I take all the bets that the model predicts?

Should I take all the bets that the model predicts?

There is no simple answer to that question, however it does depend on a multitude of factors. In short no, you can refine your risk tolerance using the filters we provide for each match. However for those who are trading at a high volume, it’s important to remember that the profitable traders or bettors are the ones who consistently beat the closing line.

To elaborate, when you place a bet or trade you don’t know whether your edge will remain an edge when the match starts. If you would like to learn more about this please visit our blog


Is there any cost to Sportsflare?

Is there any cost to Sportsflare?

No. Sportsflare is a 100% free platform that anybody can use, we believe that everybody should have access to a premium sports trading experience without having to pay extra for it.

Being that the Sportsflare platform is free, spots on the platform are limited per sport to preserve market liquidity for more information please contact us using our live chat via the home page.


What makes Sportsflare better than a traditional tipster?

What makes Sportsflare better than a traditional tipster?

A great question, Sportsflare takes a highly analytical, data-driven approach to utilising advanced artificial intelligence to offer sports bettors & traders an unparalleled experience in comparison to your average tipster

So what’s the difference?

Sportsflare extracts valuable insights from raw and unstructured data, using cutting-edge data science. Our predictions are the result of many different deep learning models stacked into an ensemble of experts, keeping any biases low. Predictions made by tipsters, on the other hand, are bursting with bias. These biases are the result of the irrational human mind making decisions based on anecdotal evidence, and/or being unable to accurately.

They can be far more severe when someone’s credibility is at risk, hence any decision made needs to make the tipster look as good as possible. An example is publishing only wins and ignoring losses, to inflate their reputation, completely ignoring the truth. On the contrary, our model does not care if we look good or bad.

You can rest assured that any results published will only reflect the evidence and objective truth. Taking the human emotions out of decision making will leave you with sound rational choices, in order to maximise your bankroll and winning chances.


My game / tournament isn’t showing why is this?

My game/tournament isn’t showing why is this?

Sportsflare staggers the updates to the dashboard for a number of reasons, a general rule of thumb is if the game you are interested in is more than four hours away it will not show however this can vary time to time.

If the game or tournament is showing, however, there isn’t a prediction for check back closer to when the match starts and the prediction will be live.