Gaming Stars Case Study

[Case Study]: How Sportsflare helped Gaming Stars become the number one Bet-on-Yourself platform in Germany

How the team at Sportsflare built an automated odds model and implemented risk management for battle royale players on the popular Gaming Stars bet-on-yourself platform.

Without doubt, the esports industry has benefited hugely from the constantly growing number of esports enthusiasts who play, watch, and bet on esports on a daily basis. Gaming Stars used this opportunity founded on a vision of empowering the new generation of gamers to bet on their own gaming experiences. However, inefficiencies in pricing exposed Gaming Stars to sharp gamers who took advantage of these issues. 

Sportsflare were tasked with implementing solutions to help Gaming Stars to: 

Achieve profitable margins across all bets

Prior to Sportsflare’s involvement with Gaming Stars, the platform were using a suboptimal odds pricing model which did not accurately account for player skill, and left the odds open for exploitation by higher skilled players.

Provide automated pricing for every player dependent on historical player performance stats.

Through the partnership with Sportsflare’s, Gaming Stars were looking to implement automated pricing for each individual player, along with risk management to negate any instances of unfair or dishonest betting practices.


“Thanks to the quality and the quantity of player data available, we were able to take on these challenges and precisely  price odds for each player according to their gaming skill and prevent dishonest players from taking advantage of any loopholes in the system.”

Tim Leathart, Chief Scientist at Sportsflare


How Sportsflare helped Gaming Stars

Gaming Stars Case Study Graphic

Access to the growing 220M+ Gen Z gamer market

The gaming market is significantly larger than the esports betting market, and importantly is composed of the traditionally harder to reach population in Gen-Zs. Gen-Zs play more online games than any other population, and to have direct access to this market is hugely valuable to any brand or company. 

Automated dynamic pricing for every unique gamer

Sportsflare’s odds pricing model accounts for various variables in historical player performance data, and odds are automatically priced for every single player who links their gaming account with their betting account.

This process ensures that odds prices are a fair and accurate reflection of the gamers’ skill, and that highly skilled players will not be able to abuse improperly priced odds, or profit off of evenly priced head-to-head formats currently offered by various other operators.

Risk management against account sharers 

A potentially big issue in the bet-on-yourself space is the possibility that users will share their accounts with others. For instance, a gamer who traditionally does not perform well would get priced higher odds through our pricing model, and account sharing with a higher-skilled player would exploit these relatively higher odds to game the system.

While we can hope that all users abide by the terms and conditions of the operators, it is expected that a subsection of the user base will be trying to profit through the aforementioned illegal methods. However, Sportsflare’s risk management tools assess various attributes of betting behaviour to ensure that this does not occur and that players are forced to play fairly.

The Gaming Stars partnership allowed Sportsflare to deeply understand the motivations and betting patterns of gamers, and paired with the expertise in AI and ML technologies, Sportsflare were able to create the bet-on-yourself infrastructure for gamers of all levels across all gaming platforms for the world’s most popular battle royale titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Artem Morgunov, Founder of Gaming Stars, added:

“We are delighted by Sportsflare’s ability to produce efficient odds which allow Gaming Stars to optimise margins while providing enticing odds for the players”

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