Tiidal Gaming Completes Acquisition of Sportsflare

The acquisition will expand Tiidal Gaming’s esports portfolio to include AI-powered B2B betting solutions

Tiidal Gaming Group (“Tiidal” or the “Company”), a leading Canadian esports and gaming platform company, is pleased to announce that the Company has completed the acquisition of Sportsflare Ltd. (“Sportsflare”), a leading provider of AI-powered esports betting solutions based in the U.K.


Through Sportsflare’s product suite, the Company delivers robust odds feed and advanced betting solutions for sportsbooks and online betting companies. Using applied deep learning and AI research, Sportsflare has established a state-of-the-art technology platform for its products that comprises an AI esports engine that accurately produces predictions for hundreds of in-game outcomes in real-time, a data platform that conducts the aggregation and analysis of various data sources, and a trading platform that not only updates in-play and pre-match prices based on betting activity but also offers automated bet settlements.

Sportsflare Solutions

  • Sportsflare Odds, an odds feed offering that provides in-play and pre-match esports odds, scheduling, and settlement in over 300 markets for notable games such as CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2 to name a few. It consists of player-level focus odds for top tier matches, where real-time data is available with high integrity.
  • Esports Betbuilder, the first bet builder offering in esports that provides a pre-match bet builder API and widget for combining any set of outcomes (i.e., match, team and/or player) into a unique betting market, which will support multiple titles and expand into more in-play bet builder options.
  • Sportsflare Edge, an esports analytics website that targets esports fans and bettors. The website is available at: https://edge.sportsflare.io.

Sportsflare’s player-focused solutions can increase sportsbook in-play odds uptime by twice the normal odds uptime, on many matches and exponentially increase betting options for each match to any possible combination of outcomes. With Sportsflare’s products, sportsbooks can cater to the new betting demographic with an esports-first digital betting experience. Modern bettors that consist of ‘Millennials’ and ‘Gen Z’ differ from their older counterparts as they favour and follow individual players as much as specific teams.

“We are pleased to welcome the Sportsflare team to Tiidal,” said Charlie Watson, CEO of Tiidal Gaming Group. “As a growing platform company in the global esports market, we had always envisioned adding a betting vertical to our business. With esports betting being one of the fastest growing segments of the overall gambling industry and the ongoing rapid legalization of online betting, Sportsflare’s advanced B2B technology infrastructure provides leading-edge solutions for sportsbooks to take advantage of this secular growth. For us at Tiidal, this acquisition provides us with a key pillar in enabling operational growth.”

“By joining Tiidal, we now have access to key relationships with existing stakeholders across esports and gaming, along with clear synergies in the competition and content space with Lazarus,” said Maximilian Polaczuk. “Tiidal has built a world class organization with personnel that have expertise across media, technology, sports, and esports. We could not be more pleased with joining a team where we believe the strategy and asset mix is unique and will enhance value, speed, and scale.”

As part of Tiidal’s strategy to own and operate key esports and gaming related assets, the acquisition of Sportsflare will be integral to the Company’s plan to solidify its position as a leading esports platform company.

About Tiidal Gaming Group Inc.

Tiidal Gaming is an esports and gaming platform company. Tiidal is focused on owning and operating synergistic businesses across the gaming ecosystem. . Tiidal is focused on enabling competitive gaming and building the future of game-based entertainment. For more information visit www.tiidal.gg.

For further information, please contact:

Charlie Watson
Chief Executive Officer, Tiidal Gaming Group

About Sportsflare

Sportsflare is a B2B provider of esports odds for sportsbooks. They have developed cutting-edge AI and data, improving betting experiences for esports fans with new and engaging markets. Sportsflare are focussed on using technology to help shape what esports betting looks like in the future. For more information, visit sportsflare.io.


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